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10 Surprising Benefits of Choosing Factory Second Concrete Pipes

10 Surprising Benefits of Choosing Factory Second Concrete Pipes

factory second concrete pipes

Factory second concrete pipes are often overlooked in favor of their pristine, first-run counterparts. But these imperfect pipes actually offer several compelling advantages that can make them the superior choice for underground and infrastructure projects. Here are 10 interesting benefits you should consider when selecting materials for your next construction venture:

  1. Significant Cost Savings The number one reason to choose factory seconds is the significant cost savings—up to 70% less than new, first-quality pipes. With constraints on infrastructure budgets, the deep discounts let you stretch dollars further or retain profit margins.
  2. Same Strength and Durability Despite minor scratches and discolorations that classify them as seconds, these pipes get manufactured identically as firsts. They undergo the same rigorous production methods, meeting established strength and durability standards. Performance won’t be compromised.
  3. Perfect for Non-Aesthetic Applications For projects like sewer drains, culverts, and pipelines where no one will view the final installations, factory seconds serve perfectly in terms of function.
  4. Environmentally Friendly Choice Specialty pipe manufacturers produce seconds when cosmetic defects render quality batches unusable for premium sales. Selecting these discarded materials diverts usable product from landfills, supporting sustainability.

  5. Wide Variety of Size and Style Options Just like standardized, new pipe offerings, factory seconds provide extensive choices in diameters, lengths, materials, connections, and finishes.
  6. Ready to Ship From Local Stocks As production byproducts, seconds accumulate in surplus inventory. This allows distributors to stockpile various styles so they are ready to ship immediately when orders come in.

  7. Easy Installation Identical dimensions and fittings as first-run pipes allow for easy joining. And lighter scratches or discoloration won’t hamper proper placement, burial, or joining procedures.

  8. Durable Lifespans While aesthetics may suffer slightly, factory seconds meet composition standards. They withstand underground elements or alternate wet/dry conditions for decades with proper maintenance.

  9. Unique Character One builder’s factory second pipe eyesore is another’s canvas. Some designers creatively incorporate the imperfections to add visual interest and character to landscapes or structural features.

  10. Support Local Manufacturers Specialized pipe producers often remain small regional operations. By purchasing seconds over imported firsts, you contribute to the growth of localized makers, retaining expertise and jobs.

So don’t overlook the potential value found in factory second pipes. The cost savings and available customization combined with comparable quality to new stock makes seconds a viable product substitution to deliver major infrastructure and drainage projects on budget.

Have you used factory seconds for a construction installment? What interesting lessons or takeaways did you discover? Share your experiences below!